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July 19, 2016

Check out this great interview of our Board Member and Past Chairman Janet Britton, of EATEL.

June 27, 2016

"There are things we (as small companies) do in the dark of night that we never tell anyone." The NTCA Excellence Awards are open for nominations. There are 8 categories including Key Employee, Special Achievement, and Heroism. If you know of someone who might qualify, nominate them - you never know! For more info, please contact the office. Nomination period ends August 12. 

November 20, 2014

Two public safety groups with the four major cell carriers announced a plan to help first responders locate indoor wireless emergency callers. However, organizations that represent first responders are not happy because they were not consulted on the plan as the people who would be using it. They are concerned specifically about untested technologies and interoperability.
911 Location Accuracy  (Assocations Now Daily News)

November 17, 2014

According to Edward Wyatt of the New York Times, FCC Chairman Wheeler is set to release his proposal today for a $1.5 billion increase ($2-$6 per phone bill monthly) for E-Rate, the educational part of the Universal Service Fund. The schools and libraries that qualify for this program are not up-to-date now, and will continue to fall behind, hampering the poorest Americans. Opposition is expected from the two Republican Commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission. 
Aims to Bolster Internet for Schools

November 5, 2014

According to an article by journalist Ernie Smith published at, a new FCC strategy regarding net neutrality is an attempt to please everyone, which doesn't. Previously this year, FCC Chairman Wheeler was advocating reclassifying ISPs as entirely a common carrier under Title II. The new proposal would classify only the backbone to Title II, but leave the providers with which consumers deal with fewer regulations.  While Chairman Wheeler has not endorsed this proposal, both sides are already arguing the plan down. 
Ernie Smith's synopsis
Last week's New York Times article
The Wall Street Journal's reporting

January 22, 2014

The articles continue on the Net Neutrality case. 
Net Neutrality Broadband FCC Ruling

January 16, 2014

Here are two additional articles: the first with official statements from associations on both sides of the debate; and the second specifically on deals with Netflix (popular streaming video provider) being charged additional fees. 
Ruling Draws Strong Response
Charging Netflix At Issue

January 15, 2014

Good morning, and welcome to LTA's blog - the place for breaking news on regulations, providers, and technologies! 
We will start with the news that the US Court of Appeals struck down the FCC's Net Neutrality rules. According to the appellate judges, the FCC lacked the authority to impose regulations on providers that it had previously labeled as not common carrier. The Court's decision, however, expressly laid out conditions under which the FCC could reinstate Net Neutrality. A hot topic with strong opinions on both sides of the debate.
Read one article at CED Magazine: CED Magazine - Appeals Court Knocks Down Net Neutrality
The Wall Street Journal's article: WSJ What's News Collection
And the wire story from Reuters: US Court/Net Neutrality