You can order these books online.  They will allow you to gain a new perspective on core and emerging technologies.  From robotics to virtual reality and the related leadership challenges.  Take a look at these amazing books to be added to your reading list

Tools for Preparing Your Team for the Future

By: Harvard Business Review (HBR), David Weinberger, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Darrell K. Rigby, and David Furlonger

This book offers wonderful guidance on how to prepare employees and teams for the future of developing technology.  It has been said that in a few years, several existing jobs will become redundant and a whole host of new jobs will be created. This book helps to enlighten and prepare for this new digital world.

How Immersive Technologies can Transform your Business

By: Jeremy Dalton

Everyone has heard of virtual realty (VR) and augmented reality (AR).  Many may even know what artificial intelligence and the internet of things are.  However, there is a misconception about the use of these emerging technologies.

Many of the new technologies can be used successfully in training of employees, streamlining business processes, improving customer service, and even marketing.  These new technologies are changing the way people interact with their world and each other.  To learn more, get this insightful book by Jeremy Dalton.